Thinking About Hip Replacement Surgery??

If you think about Hip Replacement Surgery so here is best surgeon...
Dr.Deepinder Chaudhary is an expert surgeon in Hip replacement surgery he has aspecial interest in treatment of Hip problems and is highly prolific in Joint& Knee surgeries.

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  • How soon will I be up and about?

    The staff will help you to get up and walk about as quickly as possibleafter surgery. Some patients are able to get up and walk the same day as theirsurgery.

    Initially, you will feel discomfort while walking and exercising, and your legsand feet may be swollen. You may be given an injection into your abdomen tohelp prevent blood clots forming in your legs, and possibly a short course ofantibiotics to help prevent infection.

    A physiotherapist may teach you exercises to help strengthen the hip andexplain what should and should not be done after the operation. They will teachyou how to bend and sit to avoid damaging your new hip.